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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Witch-finder sues humanist for religious discrimination
It isn't easy to be a humanist in Nigeria these days. In July, when Leo Igwe, Executive Secretary of the Nigerian Humanist Movement, held a symposium on witchcraft and children's rights, not only was it disrupted by 150 followers of Helen Ukpabio's Liberty Gospel Church, but he was attacked, had his glasses destroyed and his bag, camera and mobile phone taken from him.
And now Helen Ukpabio is suing him. For religious discrimination. The religious belief Igwe is accused of discriminating against is her church's assertion that many of Nigeria's children are witches.

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Anonymous said...

Great article. Thanks for posting it.

Harlan Quinn said...

you're welcome.
keep checking back. i schedule news to automatically be posted every day.
tell your friends!

Gandolf said...

"The religious belief Igwe is accused of discriminating against is her church's assertion that many of Nigeria's children are witches."

Fucking unbelievable.

Hey Qunny you really got some of the real strange stuff on your blog.I read it and im often left kinda speechless.Where do you find some of this crazy superstitious material.

By the way best wishes for the holidays!,and thanks so much for the posts on your blog.

Harlan Quinn said...

Hi Gandolf,
I'm an information scientist man, I use information science magic!

I set up alerts in google news to send me links to categories that I'm interested in.

some of the standard categories are
civil union
animal sacrifice
religious exemption

I have them emailed to the blog once a week and automatically saved as a draft, then I painstakingly root through them selecting as many crazy ones as I can, ensuring that they come from a reasonably reputable source.

It takes hours, but its worth it because its not me making stuff up to make religion look bad, it is religion making itself look bad in real time and I'm just making it easy to find.

I literally have more material than I can handle, and I've considered advertising for someone to help.

For sciencedaily, i can't automate it so I have to do it by hand. But just searching for "belief" in gives you a lot of good ones though not crazy.

happy holidays to you too, and if I'm not mistaken, its beach weather where you're at isn't it?

Gandolf said...

Yes its beach weather here Santa`s wears shorts and no need for large heavy coats,so its great he never gets stuck in anyones chimney.

If it gets to much to handle it all yourself, maybe you should get someone to help.

Harlan Quinn said...

When can you start?

Gandolf said...

Sure i dont mind trying to help you, if you think i can be of some help to you Lee.

The only trouble is i know nothing about blogs.Other than posting on them.

Harlan Quinn said...

Great, we can start off simple and hopefully not too intrusive on your free time.
How does average of 10 mins a day sound?

please email me at
if your interested.
thanks in advance.

Gandolf said...

Its done.


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