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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Animal sacrifice: Not our mainstream culture
Notwithstanding the brilliance of individual Nepalis, the general enterprising and hardworking and positive spirit that all Nepalis possess, we somehow remain frozen in time with barbaric, uncivilized and primitive rituals pervading every pore of our society, more suitable to the medieval ages. While such rituals eventually became extinct in other parts of the world, in Nepal just the opposite happened, it flourished.

If we ponder over our barbaric belief and practices we will realize that these rituals are not rituals of the common people; they are in fact the rituals of our erstwhile rulers and the rich and powerful feudal class. The Shah and the Rana rulers upheld the importance of animal sacrifice as the cornerstone of Hindu religion and culture, and actively promoted it during their reign. This ensured that they would continue to become lords and the people would remain as ignorant as ever.

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