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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Annual Witches Conference Causes Panic

Legitimizing violence and politics with supernaturalism.

Peace FM Online
Fear is said to have gripped residents of Hyiawu-Besease in the Bosomtwe Kwanwoma District of the Ashanti Region following media reports that this year’s annual general conference of the Association of Witches in West Africa (AWWA), is scheduled to be staged in the town.

The residents’ fear, has been aggravated following some weird happenings in the town since the news broke somewhere last week. Three people including a middle-aged woman, according to sources, have died under hard-to-believe circumstances in the town in the last four days.
The letter, which was leaked by an aggrieved witch, noted that Ghana’s share of the blood-letting exercise has been targeted mainly on the Offinso-Techiman and Obuasi-Kumasi roads.

According to the disillusioned witch, she decided to divulge the information because she hails from Ofiinso-Namong and also has relatives at Anwian-Nkwanta on the Obuasi-Kumasi road, which forms part of the designated roads for the blood theatre. Meanwhile, the local branch of the Ghana Christian Council at Hyiawu-Besease has vowed to stop the intended witches’ conference scheduled to be staged in the town.
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