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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

In Iceland, 8% Believe in Elves, 54% Won't Deny They Exist

Psychology Today or listen to NPR broadcast

Only 3 percent of Icelanders lay claim to personal encounters, but 8 percent believe in them outright and 54 percent won't deny their existence, reveals a poll conducted in 2007 by Terry Gunnell, head of folkloristics at the University of Iceland. "Rather than believe," he explains, "they don't disbelieve."

Fearing curses, even skeptics go to great lengths to protect the hidden people. Patches of grass suspected to house invisible residents are left unmowed. To avoid removal of inhabited "elf stones," the general public can petition to divert roads and halt construction of buildings. "The Icelandic government wants to make sure that people with different beliefs are taken care of," says filmmaker Nisha Inalsingh, who explores the phenomenon in her documentary Huldufólk 102.
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RichD said...

It's good to know someone is standing up for the little people. Is that politically correct?

Harlan Quinn said...

I prefer the irish way to refer to them as the "wee" people.

they were specifically mentioned in the first line of the US constitution you know.

RichD said...

lol So their responsiblke for the constitution.


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