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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Sexually Transmitted Disease: Their Witches Connection"

Guaranteed to be the craziest thing you've seen all day...
Witches meet in the coven (assembly of witches) every night (12:00 midnight). They make human beings captive. If your spiritual level is very low they can arrest and take the spirit of that person captive in the night and from there affect all his or her activities and even kill him or her. In their coven, spirit of human captive looks like animals e.g. goat. Anything they do to that animal representing your spirit in their coven, it will affect you physically. Whenever they kill the animal in their coven the human captives will die later. Witches can travel (spiritually) in a split second to any part of the world to attack their victims. This is because they move through the air and there is no barrier in the air. Witches press people at night to suck their blood.
Contributed by Gandolf
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Gandolf said...

Hey Quinny .I found it just so extremely hard to believe this was really said to be (Research Findings)

And from (Modern)


Harlan Quinn said...

yea, Africa seems to be in the middle of the modern dark ages.

The bad thing is, since religion is based on faith, there is no standard knowledge base or set of criteria to compare them to which would justify any type of corrective action.

In religion, if they can think it up, and apply it to god, then its off limits to criticism.


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