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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Common Religious Reasoning Schemes

[Draft Copy] Reasoning Schemes are only fallacious when they are unwarranted.
For example an appeal to popularity is not always fallacious, even though the superficial treatment of it in the average university logic book will lead you to believe it is.
Below are some examples
Click "Read more >>" for access.

Causal Oversimplification
Straw Man
Black and White Thinking, Excluded Middle
Theist comment
I find vagueness, the unknown, to be the impetus for a thirst for knowledge - that stirs a desire to seek - not something that necessarily requires avoidance (and in accordance with you,at a prioritized level at that!) Rather than avoid, it can be acknowledged and used for inspiration.

Analyst comment
it seems you've overlooked the context of the article, and exhibited
"black and white thinking".

if you ask an acquaintance for the recipe of a dish you've sampled at a social, do you expect it to be vague. Would you be satisfied if it were vague?

If you ask someone for a phone number or a business address, do expect them to be vague? Would you be satisfied if they were vague?

Do you think the Emergency Medical System could function using Vague information?

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