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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Gunman surrenders in hostage ordeal at Virginia post office

It says that the FBI and Virginia State Police negotiated the suspects surrender, so why thank God? What did a God have to do with anything? Which God? Why that God? And if a God had anything to do with it, how did it do it?
CNN-- A daylong hostage standoff ended late Wednesday when an armed, disabled man wheeled himself out of a post office in Wytheville, Virginia, and was taken into custody, police said.
The alleged gunman, identified by police as Warren "Gator" Taylor, 53, of Sullivan County, Tennessee, surrendered in a wheelchair, said Wythe County Sherrif's Office Chief Deputy Keith Dunagan. All three hostages walked out without injury.
Wytheville Mayor Trent Crewe breathed a sigh of relief when the almost nine-hour ordeal finally ended.

"All of them are all right, thank God," Crewe said. "I am elated that it's over."
Negotiators from the FBI and the Virginia State Police negotiated the suspect's surrender and the release of the hostages, said a law enforcement source familiar with the situation.
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Boz said...

sounds lke a figure of speech

Harlan Quinn said...

maybe it was maybe it wasn't but I still don't see any 'thank you's' or 'good job' to the heroes.

Boz said...

there are a lot more serious things to be worried about; for example, uganda killing gays.

a news article mentioning a quote that possibly references Yahweh is a non issue in comparison.

Harlan Quinn said...

Hi Boz,
uganda killing gays is covered in other posts.

I agree "thank god" is a 'non-issue' comparatively, but it is a symptom of dysrational thinking.

Even if it was a figure of speech, which there is about a 90% chance it wasn't if you look at the figures for "non-believers", its not accurate.

why does "thank god" come to mind so easily to make it into a quote instead of "thanks to the negotiators"?

And a more intersting question to me is

"why do you care?"
I find it odd that you make a comment like that in this post instead of one that you find "more worthy" especially since the rest of the blog is filled with witches, child brides, animal sacrifice, civil right violations, unjustifiable exemptions, etc.

Are you just hyper-critical or do you have something to add?


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