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Thursday, December 31, 2009

At least 109 girls and women were subjected to rape, genital mutilation or kidnapping

The New York Times
The U.N. report, based on 687 interviews conducted by investigators in Conakry and elsewhere in late November and early December, corroborated witness reports that more than 150 people were killed or went missing during a rally.
At least 109 girls and women were subjected to rape, genital mutilation or kidnapping, with hundreds more subjected to torture and abuse, the report said.
Asked by a legislator what France, the former colonial ruler of Guinea, was doing to ensure that these findings resulted in prosecutions, Kouchner said that the International Criminal Court had taken on the issue of its own accord.
Contributed by Gandolf
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kriss the sexy atheist said...

Once again, not a good year for women around the world. Several times this year it was reported that female US soldiers had a probability and fear of being raped. Yesterday it was reported in Egypt that Muslim gangs of men were raping Christian minorities. It breaks my heart. I sincerely hope that 2010 will be safer and religious war free for the entire world.

Happy New Year and thank you.


Harlan Quinn said...

awesome comment Kriss,
Heres the link from your comment for convenience

have a great new year,
and lets hope for the best!


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