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Friday, December 18, 2009

Algonquin Elder Saved By Prayer To Bird
Doctors told him they could operate, but they would not be able to heal him entirely, and he would need to use a colostomy bag.
He started a course of tea made by his wife and a First Nations herbalist, and injections from a faith healer.
The turning point came early one morning. “I heard this bird singing outside.” After he opened the drapes to see it, he fell to his knees by the sofa, engulfed in pain.
“I knew that bird was not just a bird. He was more than that. I asked that bird to save me.”

He stopped drinking, and got over his constant anger. He forgave everyone who had made life so difficult for his people. His wife was baffled. “You’re not the same person anymore, what did you do to yourself?”

His temper subsided because, “My life does not belong to me, it’s not mine. It’s borrowed time. It belongs to my Creator.”
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