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Monday, December 14, 2009

Blood does not cleanse. Blood stains!
On 11/27, we were blessed with another sermon from Bishop Paul Blake, PRECIOUS BLOOD. It took me back to the days of my early teenagerdumb when the cruci-fiction of the Bible god, Jesus, began to gross me out. I felt somewhat ashamed and weak because everyone else seemed to enjoy it so much.

As the Bishop put it, "The concept of the shed Blood of Christ offered in substitutionary sacrifice for guilty and condemned sinners is profoundly offensive to the modern mind." Yes, I admit it, the alleged brutal, barbaric, and bloody murder of an innocent man/god to somehow pay for my sins is not only offensive, but stupid and certainly unjust. Even if I was a sinner, (there is no such thing as sin) killing an innocent being for my sin takes us back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when animal sacrifice and human sacrifice were socially acceptable.
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