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Technical Difficulties With Automated Blog Posts

[20100131] The blog is still refusing mail from gmail. I've stopped the forwarders. When the mail server stops trying to deliver mail (probably by the 5th). I'll try another strategy.
I'm trying to find the equilibrium between Google News Alerts, Gmail and Blogger to permit automated posting of Google News Alerts to the blog so I can have them for reference and work on other things. My goal is not to focus on one news topic, but to have the varied topics in the news feeds automatically posted in the blog daily or weekly because I can capture more unique data that way.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Scary Talk about "taking back" Christian America from the Geopolitical Conspiracy, Rev. Ted Pike
"He enthusiastically agrees with my explanation of why Christian America is losing our God-given freedoms and what can be done to redeem them.
In my discussion with Coach Daubenmire, we arrive at new, workable, and biblically sound answers and solutions. But they are definitely not what you will hear in the mainstream of either left or right. Nevertheless, now more than ever, telling the whole, undiminished truth and acting upon it is the only effective way to take back America.
In the same way, we can see the insanity of attempting to hold back an extremely complicated social and geopolitical conspiracy by only providing half the truth. No wonder we are losing!"
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