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I'm trying to find the equilibrium between Google News Alerts, Gmail and Blogger to permit automated posting of Google News Alerts to the blog so I can have them for reference and work on other things. My goal is not to focus on one news topic, but to have the varied topics in the news feeds automatically posted in the blog daily or weekly because I can capture more unique data that way.

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yay, I'm under attack by Faith Based Thinkers! I'm somebody now!

Link to Faith Based thinking commenter
"you really need to add comment moderation to your blasphemy…"
"Please don't throw me in that briar patch!"
I'm going to feature you over in the sidebar. I'm even going to give a label for quick reference.
Please feel free to try your best to bring the blog down. You only make my case for me and drive my ranking up!
You silly person, you'll probably be the only one commenting.
And away we go!
thank you, thank you, thank you!
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Gandolf said...

The only goat on fire is the silly goat thats on fire doing the spamming.

This person seems like they are missing a few marbles.

DM roams the net helping show faith up by spamming complete incoherent rubbish over and over again.What a pure genius

kriss the sexy atheist said...

Congrats. on the attention. Anytime you want to use my content just go ahead. I just tweeted that QuIRP is looking for help with news items and posted a link, hope that is OK, and I hope that you get the help. doing great work, keep it up.


Harlan Quinn said...

Hi Gandolf,
I saw pzmyers blog entry on "goats on fire" before the holidays.
too bad he/she stopped. Must not have appreciated that I appreciated them.

Thanks Kriss,
I have a lot of help from people that want to remain in the background, I couldn't do it without them.

Harlan Quinn said...

i forgot to say thank you for the tweets. It seems to have dramatically driven my stats up.
I hope it lasts!
Thanks again!


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