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I'm trying to find the equilibrium between Google News Alerts, Gmail and Blogger to permit automated posting of Google News Alerts to the blog so I can have them for reference and work on other things. My goal is not to focus on one news topic, but to have the varied topics in the news feeds automatically posted in the blog daily or weekly because I can capture more unique data that way.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google Alert - "female circumcision" OR "genital mutilation" OR "genital cut"

Google News Alert for: "female circumcision" OR "genital mutilation" OR "genital cut"

FORWARD Awarded £30000 To Help Protect Bristol Girls From Genital Mutilation
eGov monitor
"Female genital mutilation has very serious health implications for girls in this country. Cutting is usually performed before puberty and we estimate that ...
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Raising Awareness At Davos
Forbes (blog)
The 2010 winner, Julia Lalla-Maharajh, is pitching the cause of ending female genital mutilation. Now she gets a free trip to Switzerland--five days of ...
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Kelis makes fun of PETA
News Trends
Or female circumcision. Or the Rights of Women in America, we are still paid less for the same work as men. "Moreover, the singer took the opportunity to ...
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Live: Charlotte Gainsbourg's First Live Solo Show Literally Ever
Village Voice (blog)
... this year, she won Best Actress at Cannes for a graphic role that included her own genital mutilation; her gamine allure is frequently, mercifully, ...
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Pro-Life is a misdirection
Amador Ledger-Dispatch
In other areas, female genital mutilation, foot binding, women burning ("witch burning") and other forms of violence go back five to ten millennia after a ...
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