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Monday, January 4, 2010

When race, religion and 'culture' must come second to what is right

Mail Online
When I saw the tear-stained face of Hanim Goren, the mother of 15-year-old Muslim schoolgirl Tulay, who was murdered by her own father (I refuse to dignify the crime with the word 'honour'), I'm afraid all politically correct niceties and notions of acceptance, tolerance and inclusion went flying straight out of the window.

Social workers, too, are terrified of upsetting people who are clearly monsters, because of their race and religion. This was obviously the case in the murder of Victoria Climbie when socalled professionals failed to interfere, dazzled by respect for something they mistook as 'culture' there's an overused word if ever there was one) when in fact it was just plain old 'cruelty'.
The policing of crimes that are 'alien' to our culture (there is also the nasty practice of female genital mutilation) needs to be far tougher, if the training video shown to officers who deal with such matters is anything to go by.

I wish, when I was stopped for speeding, that I had been treated with such care for my feelings.
Contributed by Gandolf
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