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Friday, January 1, 2010

Woman accused of posing as a witch in court

A Toronto woman accused of posing as a witch in order to defraud a lawyer of tens of thousands of dollars has made her first appearance in court.
Vishwantee Persaud appeared through a video link for a brief preliminary hearing at a Toronto courtroom on Thursday morning.
She has yet to retain a lawyer, so her case was adjourned until Jan. 12. She remains in custody.
None of Persaud's family members was in the courtroom. Neither was the man she is alleged to have defrauded, Noel Daley, a veteran criminal lawyer.
Persaud was arrested earlier this month for allegedly defrauding Daley of more than $100,000. Police said Persaud told Daley that she came from a long line of witches and could do tarot-card readings.
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