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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google Alert - "the great satan"

Google News Alert for: "the great satan"

Putting the Ph.D.'s to Work
Inside Higher Ed
... even affection, while revealing — perhaps to the astonishment of many abroad — that Americans are not the horned minions of the Great Satan. ...
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Iran blacklist puzzles Yale
Yale Daily News
... Secretary of State went to Yale Law School. America is the Great Satan. Yale hosted the infamous artist Mr. Westerfeld whose art amounts to heresy in Islam.
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A pragmatist of ease and grace
The Australian
On Iran, he helped the green movement immensely by removing the "Great Satan" card from the leadership's weakening hand. If he can target sanctions ...
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Why They're Really at War With Us
Human Events (blog)
To bin Laden and his ilk, we are the Great Satan. They hate us more than they hate Israel. As for Hamas and Hizballah -- which Pat paints as if they have ...
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History lost, history found
Perhaps Saudi Arabia will. Or Iran. Or, will they, as usual, leave it up to The Great Satan to help those who can't help themselves?
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