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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Scope, Definition, Equivocation and Semantic Drift

When talking with the Theists, they often misuse the word heart. They say things like "Know in your heart". I recommend not tolerating that type of thing and point out to them that hearts pump blood and can't know anything. By tolerating a loose use of terms, it promotes "entropy" in the meaning of the word, allowing the meaning to shift, thereby permitting equivocation to take place, thereby permitting an illicit type of confirmation and commitment or acceptance of its appropriateness, thereby propagating inaccurate information.

In the course of a conversation, do not lose track of the scope and definition of a word. In the case that it is being used incorrectly to make a point, draw attention to its improper usage. Do not implicitly commit to any ideas that you do not intend to, and that includes any discussions of Adam and Eve. Don't forget that a huge base of established knowledge and technology that depends on that established knowledge unequivocally show that scriptural descriptions of Human Origins are false. Yes, I know that it falsifies the top four religions in the world, but that is an indicator that we need to reassess our culture, values, principles and beliefs to fit with what we know.
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RichD said...

I'll try to keep this behavior in check. I'll have to remember to not use things like "in my minds eye", "I feel it in my bones," or a personal favorite, "with every fiber of my being."
I actually have to agree that this makes infomation harder to understand. Was 40 days and 40 nights literal? Or was it a common term that ment a long period of time? That's just a quick one "off the top of my head." ;)

Harlan Quinn said...

I was so lonely I could die!
Context, context, context

you know what I mean, talking sports over a beer is one thing, but eternal salvation is quite another, wouldn't you say?

you take the cake when you saunter in here challenging me like that, it really gets my dander up!

How was that? I would have tried harder but I'm kind of busy.

Don't be a stranger. When Gandolfs gone, I don't have anyone to talk to and I start thinking about how heavy this flower pot on my head is.

RichD said...

it really gets my dander up!

Have your tried head and shoulders?

This tends to create a hugh problem that goes back to that DC comment about everone misunderstanding the bible differently. Even though Christianity wants to tell you that they are on the same page, there are significant differences that boil down to interpretation of the bible. And that's just Christianity. And with eternal salvation on the line, we ought to be more careful right?
I try to get on here more but you give so much homework that it takes me 40 days and 40 nights just to keep on top of things. (I'm killing myself)

Harlan Quinn said...

Hi Richd,
Even though Christianity wants to tell you that they are on the same page, there are significant differences that boil down to interpretation of the bible.

I'm feverishly trying to populate the sidebar with inter-religion criticism to address that point. I suppose It will eventually turn into a page with a link to it.

Gandolf said...

Gandolfs been getting hit with the big stick,on another blog for his use of the word "spiritual" Harlan... :)

Its been said i must refrain from use of such a words now im not a believer, and learn to use other words.Like contemplative.

I think maybe im actually a bit of a shocker, when it comes to this equivocation.

Harlan Quinn said...

Hi Gandolf,
spiritual is a great example of a word with inherently ambiguous meaning and thereby a low quality rating.

What is a spirit? Where does it reside? What are the properties of a spiritual that can be emulated to make one 'spiritual'?
What is the difference between someone that is not spiritual and someone that is?

is a buddhist spiritual compared to a christian?

are buddhist and christian spirituality the same thing? are they compatible?

Do I "have" a spirit, or am "I" a sprit? Does my spirit participate in running my body?

If I can understand something, then I can make predictions about it. Can predictions be made with regard to spirituality that distinguish it from psychology or psychiatry?

unless a word has scope and definition, it is effectively meaningless.

Gandolf said...

Yes... I guess it was mostly about habit from hearing lots of people often used it etc.

Stuff like saying something is very spiritual type thinking,which wasnt meant as having anything to do with it being supernatural thinking,but was more discribing it was deep and contemplative type thought.

Harlan Quinn said...

Hi Gandolf,
for right or wrong,
I'm trying to purge typically religious words and phrases such as "spiritual" and "know in my heart" from my vocabulary.

Not because they are religious, but because they are inaccurate.

Gandolf said...

"Not because they are religious, but because they are inaccurate."

I do understand and kind of even really agree.

But still i live in NZ and something tells me us kiwi`s in general maybe are not really such accurate speech type folks.

It most likely still can be achieved,but still somwhow i think kiwis do often tend to make up their own personalized type vocabulary.


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