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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hindus Flock to Nepal Animal Sacrifice Festival

What does a Goddess do with animal blood? 

Gadhimai Festival from Wikipedia.

Devotees flock to Nepal animal sacrifice festival
Hundreds of thousands of Hindu devotees have converged on a town in Nepal for a festival which is considered the world's largest animal sacrifice. The Gadhimai festival, which happens once every five years, is taking place in Bariyapur in southern Nepal.

Over the next two days more than a quarter of a million animals are expected to be slaughtered for Gadhimai - a goddess of power
Sacrifice is seen as a way of thanking the deity for good luck, or asking her for fortune and prosperity.

"The goddess needs blood," says Chandan Dev Chaudhury, a priest at the Gadhimai temple in the centre of the festival site.

"If anyone has a problem, then I will cut the throat of an animal in the temple and that person's problem will be solved."
Meanwhile, three children of pilgrims who had come to observe Gadhimai festival died due to extreme cold. The deceased include a one-year-old, four-month-old and two-month-old infants. Their parents had come from India.

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1 comment:

RichD said...

Sacrifice is seen as a way of thanking the deity for good luck, or asking her for fortune and prosperity.

Turns it into money? Gold maybe?


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