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Friday, November 20, 2009

Request for Comments on Christian Inter-denominational Criticisms

[Rev. 20091121] If you would like to contribute, please add links to Christians criticizing other Christian denominations in the comments section. I'd like to populate the sidebar on the right with them. I'm going to take a break from posting anything for a couple of days to hopefully collect more comments and to work on some more content. To see whats in the works, you always can click on the "Quirp articles in draft" in the sidebar.
Thanks in Advance.
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Qohelet said...

The Society of Evangelical Arminians defends arminianism and criticizes Calvinism/Reformation Theology. Triablogue is a Calvinist apologetics blog that criticizes Arminians. Christian love all around. :)

The Bereans is an Philippine apologetic website that labels as a cult any denomination that veers away from their narrow definition of Christianity.

Harlan Quinn said...

Thanks Qohelet,
I'll put a link to your website in the sidebar.

I've debated the Triablogue folks quite a bit. I'll just say they are hard headed, and in my view dysrational.

Gandolf said...

Yeah those folks at Triablogue sure are a real happy bunch hmmmmm


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