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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

View Online Book - "Folklore In The Old Testament Vol. I"

You can view Vol. I of Sir James George Frazer's famous book from the links below. You can find Vol II there as well if you poke around a little.

Here is a link to some information from my beloved Wikipedia about the book which contains some links to more information about Sir James Frazer.

These links are to the website where the book is located.
You have several options to view it.

1. View it online, which is slow and I don't recommend it
* Internet Archive
2. Or download the book and the software to read it at the following links.
* The software download page. Download it and install it.
* The ftp site where you download the book. The file is called "FolkLoreInTheTestamentVolI.djvu". Right click on it and click "save as" to download it. Then when its finished, you should be able double click it and have the DJVU reader software display it.

The book is almost one hundred years old, but around here, old books mean a lot don't they?

Sir Frazer's theories haven't borne themselves out and have seen their share of criticism, but generally his research and published data seems to have stood the test of time.
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