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Friday, October 23, 2009

Fraud and Religion

The tragedy at the "Sweatbox" resort highlights several problems with Religion.
'Sweatbox' victims were attending 'Spiritual Warrior' program, CNN, October 10, 2009 -- Updated 2202 GMT (0602 HKT)
"The use of sweat lodges for spiritual and physical cleansing is a part of several Native American tribes' cultures."
Since terms such as "spirit" are not defined, they are ambiguous. They can mean anything. Since they can mean anything, then there is no definition. When there is no definition, there is nothing to compare it to. Since there is nothing to comapare it to, the definition can change as needed to suit whatever purpose its being used for. There is no way to measure it.
So in the case of "spirit cleansing" some simple common sense questions come to mind.
  • How does one know it works?
  • If it doesn't work, what went wrong?
  • What is the "spirit"
  • Where does it reside?
  • How can I cross-check any of these answers?
Now lets change the word "spirit" in "spiritual cleansing" with "carpet" and see how it plays out.
Acutally when you change "spirit" with "carpet" it makes more sense. All those questions can be answered unambiguously.

Tax Fraud
"The resort is on 70 secluded valley acres 20 minutes from Sedona, surrounded by thousands of acres of national forest, according to the Web site. It has Internal Revenue Service nonprofit status as a religious organization, its Web site says."
Why should religions get immunity from taxes? What is the justification? Can the justification be cross checked, for example, can we check if God exists?

If we can't check if God exists, then we can't tell which God is the real one. Since we can't tell which God is the real one, then we know that at least some of them are perpetrating tax fraud, maybe intentionally.

Third person dies in Arizona 'sweatbox' case, CNN, October 18, 2009 -- Updated 2132 GMT (0532 HKT)

People believe what they are told by friends, authorities and sometimes traditions
There were up to 65 visitors, ages 30 to 60, at the resort attending the "Spiritual Warrior" program by self-help expert James Arthur Ray, according to authorities.
People, by nature or by conditioning, believe authorities and tradition. Since that is the case, it is easy to see how so many people are easily defrauded.

Publicity, perceived authority and a trusted person
Ray is widely known for programs that claim to teach individuals how to create wealth from all aspects of their lives -- financially, mentally, physically and spiritually. He has appeared on various national programs, including CNN's "Larry King Live."
But, in my opinion, individuals like Oprah, and Larry King, before they put these kinds of things on display, thereby adding an element of credibility to them, have an obligation to cross-check and verify them. But they need definitive and measurable standards to do that don't they?

Until people get over the tendency to believe what they see and hear without cross-checking it, even casually, there will be casualties from fraud, mortal and financial.
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1 comment:

Gandolf said...

Yes spiritual gatherings what great places to get some type of control of folks, places of worship are.Slowly work on the emotions and throw in a few threats of "the" afterlife backed up by cherry picked scripture etc.Its a real winner!,and tax rebates to top it all off.

Where i live we have had one such place in the news over the last few days.The leader has just had a ceremony and claimed a type of "kingship" for himself, said to have been backed by the king David bible type idea.He then also had another ceremony for 700 of his top loyal male followers who all paid $300 each for a ring to wear making a covernant, and they are to be his sons and must never ever be heard or seen at all to disagree with the king in public.Many other folks all paid $30 to watch the happenings,many were pushed into then buying T shirts and nic-nacs too.

The reply to media leaks, is look at the folks we have changed for the better!!,who now are living a better life and making money etc...But (forgets) to also mention all those on the lower rolls some who have lost money and who`s lives and even marriages etc have been torn apart or destroyed.

And no mention either of what those who went along undercover actually saw, like children all standing in rows together reciting words and punching at the air like Hitler youth once did too.

Yeah Lee, it happens more often than some folks really realize i think.the nature of the beast means it does what ever its able to to keep what it doesnt want heard under wraps and as quiet as possible.


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